What is this event about?

Feria Internacional de Los Pueblos is a multicultural festival celebrating folklore and gastronomy of the nations of the World. It starts on April 27th and ends on May 1st. The Festival happens in the centre of town and is a fun, free, family-friendly event that includes activities, shows, food stalls, dancing, and celebrations.  Stallholders sell food and drink, and entry is free. Celebrating 23 years, this festival is one of the most intriguing and traditional in Andalucía.

Málaga equals Picasso. It is very difficult to visit Málaga and overlook the legacy he left behind. But how much did you really get to know about him? Let us tell you a few facts you may have not known. As he said himself:

The quality of an artist depends on the past he carries. – Pablo Ruiz Picasso

So, did you know that:


The birth of Picasso was very complicated. The vital signs were gone shortly after he was brought to life. Even the midwife lost all hope and left him for dead. She left him on a table and went to attend to the mother. The obstetrician, who was Picasso’s uncle, lit a cigarette in distress. The smoke reached the face of the newborn and made him start crying. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born.

Málaga is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. It has a rich historical heritage and a legacy that remains unknown to most visitors.

I decided to assemble a group of young tour guides who share passion for their city. At Málaga Adventures we are determined to change the way of tour guiding. We want to take you on the trip throughout the history and share stories of the nations that settled here, along with their culture, traditions and legacy they left behind.

Passionate about history but living in the present. We will show you the vibrant lifestyle and give advice on best places to eat, drink, party and relax.

We are proud Malageños bringing you the best we have to offer. Are you ready for the adventure?