There are some things that are universally nice, that you can do no matter where you are right now. One of those things is looking at sunsets. Here are a few places in Málaga from which you can witness a beautiful sunset.

Tired of the city of Málaga already? Don’t worry, there is so much more to see in the province of Málaga than just its capital. In the following post you will learn something about the other towns in province, some of which we offer trips to.

Malaga can easily be declared a city of museums with a total of 36 museums from art of Picasso to history of Spain, there is something for everyone. Let us share our top picks that we think you should definitely see!

You think eating out when traveling as a vegan is hard? Not in Malaga. With veganism taking over the world locals are adapting and many places offer vegan options, so don’t worry and go enjoy a nice pizza or something healthier without harm.