In the 21st century we all like to take pictures, don’t we? So whenever we are on a trip and we see something beautiful we want to save it forever. And here we are, offering you the best places to visit to see the most magnificent panoramic views that you will want to cherish forever.

There are more interesting ways to get your shopping done than going to a supermarket or a mall. In this list I’m going to introduce some of the markets of Málaga to you, both food markets and markets for everything else.

Since these places are bound to be crowded, be aware of pickpockets however!

There are some things that are universally nice, that you can do no matter where you are right now. One of those things is looking at sunsets. Here are a few places in Málaga from which you can witness a beautiful sunset.

Tired of the city of Málaga already? Don’t worry, there is so much more to see in the province of Málaga than just its capital. In the following post you will learn something about the other towns in province, some of which we offer trips to.

Malaga can easily be declared a city of museums with a total of 36 museums from art of Picasso to history of Spain, there is something for everyone. Let us share our top picks that we think you should definitely see!

You think eating out when traveling as a vegan is hard? Not in Malaga. With veganism taking over the world locals are adapting and many places offer vegan options, so don’t worry and go enjoy a nice pizza or something healthier without harm.

The best day to visit Malaga is on sunday, because almost all of the 36 museums are free. Most of the city stores close on sundays, so people get to spend the day with their family. So why not visit a museum or one of the art centers? It isn’t only useful for one time visit, most museums and art centers change the pieces displayed and update them and no one wants to pay for it each time there is something new you want to see.

Are you coming to Malaga? Then you have picked the right place. Malaga offers so much to make your trip unforgettable, it doesn’t even matter if you love history or just want to lay on the beach, if you love winter sports or water sports, because in Malaga you can do it all. People in Spain are open and always ready to help even if they can’t speak the language, there are lots to see and try, the city center is easy to walk around and there really isn’t much more you could ask for.

On April 11 and 12 we had the pleasure of participating in the Foro Ser Emprendedor (Being An Entrepreneur Forum), organized in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga for the sixth time.

Do you love art? Contemporary art to be exact? If so, then Malaga is the right destination for you. With the wide variety of art centers and smaller art galleries creating a whole art district Malaga provides a wide variety of cultural events and activities.