There are more interesting ways to get your shopping done than going to a supermarket or a mall. In this list I’m going to introduce some of the markets of Málaga to you, both food markets and markets for everything else.

Since these places are bound to be crowded, be aware of pickpockets however!

The best day to visit Malaga is on sunday, because almost all of the 36 museums are free. Most of the city stores close on sundays, so people get to spend the day with their family. So why not visit a museum or one of the art centers? It isn’t only useful for one time visit, most museums and art centers change the pieces displayed and update them and no one wants to pay for it each time there is something new you want to see.

Are you coming to Malaga? Then you have picked the right place. Malaga offers so much to make your trip unforgettable, it doesn’t even matter if you love history or just want to lay on the beach, if you love winter sports or water sports, because in Malaga you can do it all. People in Spain are open and always ready to help even if they can’t speak the language, there are lots to see and try, the city center is easy to walk around and there really isn’t much more you could ask for.

Do you love art? Contemporary art to be exact? If so, then Malaga is the right destination for you. With the wide variety of art centers and smaller art galleries creating a whole art district Malaga provides a wide variety of cultural events and activities.

Have you heard the saying that the best things in life are free? While I do believe that it has some exceptions it does apply to Malaga very well. Continue reading and discover the line of possibilities Malaga offers to anyone on a budget!

In April 2017, Málaga has been announced as the ‘City of Museums’. It is home to 36 museums and galleries. Definatelly a lot to visit so we decided to give you the highlights.


#1 Picasso Museum

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Málaga and the people of Málaga are very proud of that. He was the founder of Cubism and he lead a very adventurous life. The Picasso Museum reveals the evolution of his painting career. Inside you can find over 280 pieces of art including sketches, paintings and sculptures. The museum is located very close to the house where Picasso was born. If you want to learn about his childhood and personal life, you can visit the Picasso Foundation Museum as well. The whole area is full of picturesque streets, traditional restaurants, shops and wineries. It is a perfect place to continue your journey after the visit, and to experience the neighborhood of Pablo Picasso. We recommend Cortijo de Pepe – an emblematic restaurant offering traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Málaga equals Picasso. It is very difficult to visit Málaga and overlook the legacy he left behind. But how much did you really get to know about him? Let us tell you a few facts you may have not known. As he said himself:

The quality of an artist depends on the past he carries. – Pablo Ruiz Picasso

So, did you know that:


The birth of Picasso was very complicated. The vital signs were gone shortly after he was brought to life. Even the midwife lost all hope and left him for dead. She left him on a table and went to attend to the mother. The obstetrician, who was Picasso’s uncle, lit a cigarette in distress. The smoke reached the face of the newborn and made him start crying. Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born.