There are some things that are universally nice, that you can do no matter where you are right now. One of those things is looking at sunsets. Here are a few places in Málaga from which you can witness a beautiful sunset.

On April 11 and 12 we had the pleasure of participating in the Foro Ser Emprendedor (Being An Entrepreneur Forum), organized in the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga for the sixth time.

Are you not ready for the incredible heat that strikes Andalucia in summer? If so then continue reading. As expected it can get quite hot in Spain, so it’s good to come prepared. Bring your sunscreen, a light hat and water to stay hydrated and avoid any possible hospital visits.

Luckily the narrow streets, sea breezes and mountains protect the city quite well, but there are other things to save you from the unbearable heat by being creative. Here are our top picks!

Málaga is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. It has a rich historical heritage and a legacy that remains unknown to most visitors.

I decided to assemble a group of young tour guides who share passion for their city. At Málaga Adventures we are determined to change the way of tour guiding. We want to take you on the trip throughout the history and share stories of the nations that settled here, along with their culture, traditions and legacy they left behind.

Passionate about history but living in the present. We will show you the vibrant lifestyle and give advice on best places to eat, drink, party and relax.

We are proud Malageños bringing you the best we have to offer. Are you ready for the adventure?